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El escritor villalbeño le envía una carta en espanglish al Presidente de EU. explicándole las aportaciones de los hispanos en la sociedad norteamericana.

Letter to President Trump

Juan Bertin Negron OcasioDiar Sir Míster Trom,

I wan tu tel yu mani things you don nou. I am Porto Rican, but many pipol sink I am espanish. Yu know that espanish pipol are from Espain, Porto Ricans are from Porto Rico, the aylan wear yu thru paper tawels. Oldou, it can be confiusin, bicos mani taims you are insaid de Wait Jous, but it is not. De problem is wen pipol don’t understand somsin dey get confius and sey meny estupid things. It is not dat yu ar stupid, it is dat yu ar confius.

I wrait to yu to let yu nou that I jav traveled all over América, but I laik best the oeste (west). When I visit my compadres in Nuevo México, they laik to cuk tacos, enchiladas, and burritos, and they serve it with rais and frijoles just like the Broken Spanish restaurante in LA, or Chevy’s in Jersey, and dey laik to maik piña coladas like In The Border. Uan dei I wil invait yu to mai jous so yu can eat som sancocho, and drin pitorro or som biars. Wi laik to drin Corona, Modelo, Presidente, Tecate, Dos XX, and many moar biars from Latin América soul in USA.

It is interesting dat befour McDonald’s establishd in Rusia, Americans drink vodka meni years befour in USA.


Eniwei, Mr. Trom, olso I laik to gou si mai primos in California, Montana, and Florida. The peninsula of Florida is a especial pleis. Juan Ponce de León discovered it in 1526, can yu imagine? It was 126 years befour the gringous, ay mín, the peregrinos from Britan landed jiar on the maiflawer. This contry jas a lot of gud historia from Hispanic pipol, you know Mister Tromp, we werk very jar to meik it laik it was befour you becaim presidente. But tu underestan dis iu nid to get out of de Wait Jous, and wolk in El Barrio in the Bronx.

Let me gif you som examples, Mr. Trom. All these esteits are ful of mexican pipol and the naims deraiv from the Jispanic culture: Arizona is from de Espanish Arizonac, which means little spring; California is a mythical island from a Espanish novelist; Colorado means reddish; Florida was named by Ponce de León during the Holy week; Montana’s neim comes from montaña, minin mountains; New Mexico was a large terretori of Mexico, called Nuevo México; Texas, jiar many Cado livd and dey called it Tejas, meaning “allies” (I do not intend to hurt your feelings Mr. Trom, but wi meik this contri befour you were born); Utah was neimed bai the Ute deriving from the yuta. Also, awer ancestors left biutiful names of cities and places thruout the Iunatet Estaits for all of us: Buena Vista, El Paso, Fresno, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Monterey, San Antonio, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Valencia, De Soto, Doña Ana, Guadalupe, Hidalgo, Boca Ratón, and many, many more. Sou, the USA is ful of jispanic jeritash.
Can you change all that? Is foni, my son korected dat las sentens for mí.

Míster Trom, wi helped bilt this great country wif a lot of sudor (sweat), and sacrificios (sacrifices). Mani pipol daid in wars with houps that evriuan lived in USA in harmony, not in armory. Not to crieit enemistades. Wi lof other cultures and laik to dance de cha-cha-chá, and reguetón, wi laik rok-en-rol, béisbol, apol pai, and cocakola, wi eat jotdogs, jambergers, and celebreit 5 de mayo, wi Porto Ricans wil laik to celebrait uan dei el 4 de julio tu, laik de norteamericanos. Yu nou wi want tu bi frí.

Also, wi lov Laibor Dei. Wear trabajadores celebrait a frí dei without werking. Dats foni, tu!

Si, Míster Trom, wi ar not enemis, wi ar gud pipol. Sombody is confiusin yu, or yu ar confius. Uan dei wi wil gou to Berguerkín an eat som guápers, or Güendis and eat crispi pollo, if yu don want tu it sancocho. Or wi can gou si de Yankis pley béisbol. I wil bai de tikets. You wil see the Dominican picher Severino throw estraiks, and the Venezuelan Torres jit a jonrón, and you will si the Cuban Chapman trou 103 mph piches. And the Porto Rican Ol-Estar Francisco Lindor jit jonróns, an ron laik Roberto Clemente de beises.

Dats also foni. The Béisbol Mayor Lig is ful of Latin American pleiers.

Mai broder Trom, I belif yu ar frikiao bicos yu don’t onderestand many sins yu dú.

Yu nid to mit mai panas mejicanos, dat wei yu wil nou jau gud pipol dey ar, and jau dei meik paris, dey col et fiestas.

Senkiu for iuar atención. Joufuli yu wil rid and anser mi leter, Míster Trom.

Sencierli yuars,